Sep 13

The Sycorp Calculator HD App provides quick and easy access to a number of calculations used for Restoration, Construction and Indoor Air Quality industries. Easy to use, quick access for use on job sites. The HD version has a number of additional features over the free version including:

  • Multiple Room dimension entry
  • Save/Modify defaults such as default height
  • Class 4 calculations
  • Air Movers by Linear Feet
  • 40 Additional Definitions
  • Email Psyhcrometric/AirFlow/Drying readings

Calculations include:

  • Dew Point
  • Grains Per Pound, Grain Depression
  • BTU needed to Heat room
  • CFM Needed for air filtration
  • # of HEPA Air Filters needed
  • # of Air Movers needed, regular and by Linear feet (including based on % coverage)
  • # of Dehumidifiers needed (including specifications on 20 models)
  • Psychrometric calculations in both Fahrenheit and Celsius

All calculations are simple and in real time. Also available for the iPhone and Android phones

Click here to download the app at iTunes

googleplay Click here to download the app at Google Play store


Select the Type of calculation from the Menu Options

Enter the necessary information into the white fields. Once all required information is entered, the calculations are automatic, and the results will appear in the black fields.

To perform a new calculation, just re-enter new values into the white fields.